Mission Statement
MORE is a multicultural community-based organization that empowers people of many races, cultures and ethnic backgrounds to live and work in peace.

Values Statement
Through cooperation and a holistic approach to providing services, we work to build a multicultural community/family where: Respect, Compassion, Growth and Creativity are at the forefront of the work we do together.

Our Priorities

  • Empathy
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Spirituality
  • Accountability

Major Goals 2012-2015
By 2013, MORE will complete a staff and volunteer recruitment and retention plan.
By 2014, MORE will increase its donor base numbers, frequency of gifts, and size of gifts.
By 2014, MORE will reach agreement on the type, location, and funding partners for additional facilities.
By 2015, MORE will be viewed across the Twin Cities as a leader in the provision of holistic services to refugees and immigrants.

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