"It is with joyful hearts that our family shares this money with MORE."

A Follow-Up Announcement from MORE:

Our biggest dream has been realized! Last week, an anonymous donor reached out to MORE’s Leadership to offer a $50,000 donation!

While this incredibly generous gift doesn't solve all of our financial problems, with additional successful fundraising efforts, the organization can stabilize for at least year. The plan is that with that stability in place, we can organize and build our engagement efforts. By coming so close to losing MORE, many have realized just how precious our services are, especially during these political times when refugees and immigrants are experiencing such abhorrent attacks, both physically and through policies. In order to remain viable and able to respond to community needs for the long-term, we need your help. This amazing donor sums it up best:

“We hope that this will mean MORE continues to stay open, that MORE will stand as a lasting model of how to respect, love, and support people from all over the world who are trying to build new lives in the United States. There is nowhere else in the world like MORE!  At the heart of MORE is an inexplicable, unconditional welcome that is worth saving.  We hope our donation inspires others to join us in giving; it might be the best money any of us have ever spent!"

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About MORE:
Last year, MORE served almost 1,000 people in our programs. We believe that one of our strengths is that our doors are open to any group of new Americans. More than twenty cultures and ethnic groups have been served at MORE this year. They include:

  • Karen (from Burma)

  • Nepali

  • Hmong (from Laos)

  • Mexican

  • Karenni (from Burma)

  • Oromo (from Ethiopia)

  • Burmese

  • Somali

  • Amharic (from Ethiopia)

  • Vietnamese

  • Bhutanese

  • Eritrean

  • Venizuelan

  • Iranian

  • Haitian

  • Ghanian

  • Liberian

  • El Salvadorian

  • Chin (from Burma)

  • African-American

  • Caucasian