Join us for the 2019 Run for Refugees 5K!

Saturday, June 15th - 9:30 a.m. - Lake Phalen Park, St. Paul, MN

We’re so excited to offer the 8th Annual Run for Refugees 5K! This family-friendly event costs $35 (kids under 18 are free!). Whether you're there to compete (prizes are awarded to the first three finishers!) or want to walk, relax and enjoy one of the Twin Cities' most beautiful scenic paths around Lake Phalen in St. Paul, or anything in between - this is the event for you!

Last year we set a new record with 160 participants. This year we hope to have over 200! Strollers and dogs are welcome. See you on June 15th!

Click here to register for the Run for Refugees 5K.

About MORE:
Last year, MORE served almost 1,000 people in our programs. We believe that one of our strengths is that our doors are open to any group of new Americans. More than twenty cultures and ethnic groups have been served at MORE this year. They include:

  • Karen (from Burma)

  • Nepali

  • Hmong (from Laos)

  • Mexican

  • Karenni (from Burma)

  • Oromo (from Ethiopia)

  • Burmese

  • Somali

  • Amharic (from Ethiopia)

  • Vietnamese

  • Bhutanese

  • Eritrean

  • Venizuelan

  • Iranian

  • Haitian

  • Ghanian

  • Liberian

  • El Salvadorian

  • Chin (from Burma)

  • African-American

  • Caucasian