Social Services Program

Purpose: Advocacy/Case Management - Assisting our participants in navigating the American medical, welfare, housing, legal, educational and other systems through Case Management and Advocacy services. Many of these systems have paperwork and processes in place that can be overwhelming and confusing even when a person has a strong grasp of the English language.

Almost 450 individuals were helped last year. Some of the issues participants receive Advocacy and/or Case Management assistance with include: MFIP (welfare) issues, Energy Assistance, Phone Assistance, Affordable Housing, Other housing issues, Medical Issues, Social Security, School Issues, Legal Issues, Immigration Issues, assistance reading mail, assistance paying bills/banking, assistance with income tax issues, etc.

Basic Needs - We also help to financially stabilize families through our Basic Needs services. Each week participants are provided donated food, clothing and household goods; warm coats in the fall and winter, a new gift giveaway in December; and other assistance as necessary. Last year, over 14,000 individuals were impacted by services provided through Basic Needs.

To find out more about our Social Services Program, contact Patrick Robbins at 651-204-0493 or