MORE is blessed to have a dedicated, caring staff, who give of themselves generously to the people of MORE.  Paid staff support our day-to-day operations. In addition, Community Volunteers represent MORE’s diverse ethnic groups and distribute donated goods through our Saturday “Garage Ministry”.

Cathy Rucci, Executive Director;





steph (640x480)Sister Stephanie Spandl, Social Services Program Manager, SSND;





2013-06-03 12.11.53Paw Kbo, Karen Case Manager/Mental Health Interpreter





2014-09-10 16.45.35Shari Sjolund, Clinical Social Work Intern, Augsburg College






2014-09-10 16.46.29Tamla Hoe, Karen Interpreter


2014-10-07 11.47.34Elizabeth Rongitsch, Social Work Intern, University of Minnesota





october 2014 054Jenny Vang, Social Work Intern, St. Catherine’s University






Education Program Staff

056Rachel Johnson, Education Program Manager;





Pang Vang, Intake and Accountability Specialist;





JoAnn Babic, teacher





Sister Mary Sue Berg, SSND, teacher





lorettaLoretta Dakin, teacher





Jeannette Fordyce, teacher





Carol Jacobson, teacher





Carol Margolis, teacher





2014-06-13 11.31.52Victoria Stewart, teacher




jan (640x480)Jan Olsen Stone, teacher





Sister Denay Ulrich, SSND, teacher





Garage Community Volunteers
Gwen Dopson, Coordinator
Nickey Betharte
Yer Hang
Saren Pok
Pam Ulmer
Lwei Eh


MORE’s dedicated board members ensure that MORE stays true to its mission. Members give generously of their time and talent and come from varied backgrounds and experiences. MORE currently has eight board members.

2015 Board Members

Kate Barrett
Julie Dekker
Kelly Dolphin
Sandy Donovan, Chairperson
Sister Adaire Lassonde
Terra Shockman
Chas Simcox, Treasurer
Boua Xiong